Precast Concrete Finishes

Add a little bit of personality to your concrete precast with texture. We offer several different textures for your new concrete precast. Choose from a smooth natural texture for a clean and pristine appearance, or an sandblasted texture which gives precast concrete a contemporary, natural feel. No matter what concrete precast texture you are looking for, Empire Precast has just what you need. Empire Precast has been supplying California and the western states with concrete precast since 1998, so clients can rest assured that we will meet all of their concrete structure needs! Contact a team member—call 800-383-1119 or email us at [email protected].

precast concrete Smooth Natural

Smooth Natural (T-S10)

precast concrete Light Sand Blast

Sandstone (T-L20)

precast concrete Heavy Sand Blast

Shale (T-H30)

precast concrete AcidWash

Artisan (T-A40)

precast concrete Travertine

Travertine (T-T50)

Empire Precast strongly Recommends using real samples before placing an order available on our Colors page.