scale model

Concrete Bollard

Field 96″

Empire Precast’s concrete benches are the perfect addition to your outdoor commercial or residential setting. Whether you’re looking for a more traditional or modern style, our team can help you choose the best fit for your specific project.

Product Code: BN-2-96

Weight: 2200 lbs

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Finish Options

This bench style is available in 2 standard finishes.  Sandstone (T-L20), Shale (T-H30).

Color Options

Empire Precast bench come in a variety of colors, all of which can be accessed from the color tab. Samples can also be requested from this page to compare colors.

Material Options

Benches can be crafted with various Empire Precast material options depending on the needs of the application.  This bench is available in Solid-Cast [ESC], Empire-Cast [EEC], Lite-Cast [ELC], Ultra-Cast [EUC].