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Concrete Pavers

Ashlar 12×30

Add personality and distinction to any driveway or walkway with concrete paving stones. Our team of experts have been designing and crafting small and large precast pavers stone in California for over 20 years. At Empire Precast, we understand that clients entrust us with bringing their vision to life. To ensure that we exceed expectations we work closely with clients throughout the whole process.
Empire Precast Pilaster Caps are manufactured in a variety of standard and custom sizes, styles and dimensions for unlimited design flexibility.

Product Code: PV-4-12-30

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Finish Options

This paver style is available in 6 finishes. Available on the finishes page.

Color Options

Empire Precast pavers come in a variety of colors, all of which can be accessed from the color tab. Samples can also be requested from this page to compare colors.

Material Options

Pavers can be crafted with various Empire Precast material options depending on the needs of the application.  This paver is available in Solid-Cast [ESC], Empire-Cast [EEC], Lite-Cast [ELC], Ultra-Cast [EUC].