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Concrete Pilaster Caps


Empire Precast’s Concrete Pilaster Wall Caps elevate any outdoor space by turning ordinary concrete walls into an integral part of the design. Empire Precast Pilaster Caps are manufactured in a variety of standard and custom sizes, styles and dimensions for unlimited design flexibility.

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Finish Options

This pilaster style is available in 6 finishes. Available on our finishes page.

Color Options

Empire Precast pilasters come in a variety of colors, all of which can be accessed from the color tab. Samples can also be requested from this page to compare colors.

Material Options

Pilasters can be crafted with various Empire Precast material options depending on the needs of the application.  This pilaster is available in Solid-Cast [ESC], Empire-Cast [EEC], Lite-Cast [ELC], Ultra-Cast [EUC].