Material Information:

Empire Precast Inc has perfected the art of concrete mix design over the last 2 ½ decades.  We offer a series of material options to give clients the ability to satisfy the requirements of any project.

Solid-Cast [ESC]: Our standard concrete designed to produce beautiful, natural looking products for any architectural application. 

Eco-Cast [EEC]: A specially designed high-strength concrete offering the very lowest carbon foot print. Guaranteed to protect your investment while minimizing environmental impact (contact us for LEED value info). 

Force-Cast [EFC]: This concrete is crafted for applications that require durable high strength pieces.  It’s reinforced with cutting edge materials guaranteed to provide lasting value.

Lite-Cast [ELC]: Our unique lightweight concrete blend that incorporates the very best materials available.  The perfect solution when both lower weight and high strength is critical.

Ultra-Cast [EUC]: This ultra high performance concrete is manufactured with performance enhancing materials. It offers industry leading durability for the harshest public outdoor environments. 

Empire Precast also offers custom concrete design services.  Please contact us directly with your specific requirements.  


Question About Materials?

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