Waste Receptacles

Empire Precast waste receptacles are built to withstand the wear and tear that comes with cleaning up a public space. Our concrete waste receptacles are manufactured for easy cleaning to assist with the challenges that come with being exposed to the elements and the public, such as graffiti and grease stains.

Keep your sidewalks clean with our concrete trash bins with ash tray lids to make getting rid of waste simple. Empire Precast also specializes in hot coal disposals for bonfire or fire pit areas.

Conical Waste Bin

Arctic Coal Disposal

Mesa Waste Bin

Parallel Waste Bin

Stadium Waste Bin

Pirum Waste Bin


Streetforms Site Amenities

Streetforms specializes in premium site amenities, with a new diverse line of products with architects in mind. Looking for a fresh face in the architectural amenities industry? Look no further, Streetforms combines eco-friendly materials with high design for a nuanced look on modern architecture.