New Stair Tread Profiles for 2021

Three New Styles

From one of the premier stair tread manufacturers in California, we bring you three new unique stair tread profiles. As a longtime stair tread manufacturer we know what it takes to create a product that will standup to the stresses of constantly public use, we also know what designers are looking for.

In that same vein, we now bring three new stair tread styles fresh off the press.


The Bluff profile brings a more robust feel with a more pronounced ridge that brings an official eir to a stairway. The ridge of the bluff profile is intentionally radiused at the top to allow for a more sheer look with the same level of safety and grip as other profiles.


The Canyon profile is slightly more rounded than the ridge but not as sheer as the bluff finish. This tread style combines the attributes of both the bluff and ridge profiles for a more classic stairway look perfect for apartment stair ways or public spaces.


The Ridge offers a blend of officiality and subtlety that combine to offer a unique profile perfect for a public area, or school stairway. The added bullnose exterior of the ridge profile provides additional surface area allowing for a more sure foothold for high foot traffic areas.

All Empire Precast stair tread profiles are available with lighting addons or can be manufactured to allow for lighting installation simple contact us at [email protected] or call us at 800-383-1119 today!

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