How to: Install Stair Treads

Basic Information

How do I install stair treads? This is a question we hear often and I am here today to answer it for you.

The answer is…that there is more than one answer. The attachment method of the treads has more to do with the stringer itself than the tread.

Typically in a commercial building, we would see a metal or wood stringer upon which the treads will be installed upon and depending on which type of stringer is being used and what the dimensions of said stringer are we can recommend an attachment method for you.

Metal Stringer

When dealing with a metal stringer there are a few different options we offer. You can mortar the treads on, install them using angle brackets, or weld them onto the stringer using weld plates. Empire Precast specializes in stair tread manufacturing so using the dimensions of the stair and your metal stringer we can determine the proper position for the weld plates and install them into the tread during fabrication.

The angle brackets are the same other than that they will not be welded onto the stringer but bolted on, and similarly to the welding method, we can determine the proper position for the angle brackets so they may be installed on the stringer.

There is also the option of mortaring the treads on in which case you would have your installer use mortar to attach the treads to your stringer.

Wood Stringer

For a wood stringer the method of installation will be entirely the same as the previously mentioned metal stringer installation steps.

The only major difference between the two stringers is that the weld-on approach is not available for the wooden stringer.


For any further questions or inquires regarding stair tread installation please contact us or speak with a contractor/installer to determine what method is right for you.

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